Agenda for Wednesday, 3/7/2018

7pm @ Hampton House, 155 Northampton St.

Upcoming events
Neighbors Night at MIDA: 3/20, 5:30-7:30pm
Chester Park Neighbors Spring Soiree: 4/22, 4-6pm
Spring Cleanup: 5/5

Door hangers
Tag for door-handles to announce events & invite neighbors not yet on our list

After reviewing results of the survey we will engage in a structured conversation to identify problems and possibilities.


  • Fundraising committee
  • Chester Park Friends
  • Homeless Recovery Working Group (with SE Forum)
  • Tremont St. pedestrian safety
  • Buses Campaign – Press Conference at Dudley Station, March 8, 8:30 am
  • NU 5D class will present ideas to CSANA April 4
  • Shawmut Ave Stop Compliance (STOP line request to SE Forum list)
  • Aircraft noise – bill to include So End on Logan Community Advisory
    Committee passed in the House (call 617-561-3333 with noise complaints, 24/7)
  • Other noise complaints: / 911

Next meeting
April 4

April Meeting Minutes

CSANA 4/6/2016


Hampton House: 155 Northhampton St

Meeting Minutes: Miren

7:04pm                 Meeting opened by Bud and introductions.

Last meeting’s minutes were reviewed and approved at 7:06pm.


Treasurer’s Report: Sara

  • Current budget: $3,370.62
  • Sara would like to have 3 committee members to assist in drafting a fundraising letter, with the objective of beautifying/lighting the park, as well as events for the whole year.
  • This will be put on the agenda for next month’s meeting

Boston Shines April 30th

  • Bud will talk/email Sam Chambers re: mulch and will know how much mulch is needed, and how much mulch will be available to us
  • Miren: will handle getting wheelbarrows (preferably two)
  • We will do flyers that mention FB and website
  • Start time will be 10am. VH clients will be available to help starting at 9am


Alexandra Hotel

  • Nothing new, down to 5 contenders/potential buyers from 52


Mass Ave/Shawmut Store Vacancy

  • What do we want to see there?
  • Coffee shop, ice cream/frozen yogurt place
    • Something that adds to the community


  • Randi has requested that this be moved to May’s agenda
  • As an aside: Sara would like to have owners of Tropical Foods to come to a CSANA meeting and share how we can support them

Comet Place-

  • waiting on info from Sam Chambers

Ideas for Beautification, Activities and Safety in Chester Park

  • It was suggested to look into a 3 month lighting opportunity in park (like in Franklin Park)
    • Idea is to light trees 2/3 way up
    • This could be done to trees around the fountain or all trees
    • Both sides of park will support lights, as well as flood lights that will not shine into residences
    • Idea will be to Increase safety and decrease drug use in area as well as beautification
    • Likely will need a “partner” to sponsor Chester Park to make this happen (going back to Sara’s request for a fundraising committee)
  • Wesley suggested approaching art schools in area about doing an installment
  • Overall everyone agreed that the following needed to be determined:
    • What do we want
    • Who to partner with
    • What do we prioritize
  • As a result the following was decided:
    • Subcommittee: Bud, Mark, Wesley, Sam
    • Prioritize working on planters first
      • Mark has done inventory on dead and missing trees and will send to Boston Parks Dept to be rectified
    • Daffodils on median: Done by Mark
    • There was a motion by Sara to determine how much money CSANA would spend. It was agreed this would be discussed again next month after inventory of supplies is completed.

South End Forum

  • At most recent meeting there was a discussion about traffic, Bud communicated that Mass Ave has worst traffic in the South End.
  • There was a digital speedometer recently installed on Mass Ave on odd side of the park.


  • Wesley has volunteered to help
  • Julian paid domain fees and will need to be reimbursed

Next Meeting:  Wednesday 5/4/16 Hampton House @7pm

Some Notes from Jan 6, 2016 Meeting


Finances: 2015 income (monetary donations) totaled $400 and expenses totaled $1052.47, mostly for events and plantings in the park. Treasurer requested help for future decisions regarding petty cash expenditures (up to $150). Several volunteered for a task force to explore possibilities for fundraising.
Crime: BPD’s crime report noted many of the incidents were likely preventable. Remember to lock home and car doors, have packages delivered to safe location, and never leave valuables in car. Learn more at safety meeting – last Monday of the month, 6 pm, District 4.
Comet Place: BPW has added Comet Place to the street sweeping list. Also, BTD has indicated a willingness to install one-way signs.
Truck Traffic: BTD indicates Northampton St is a designated truck route. We’ve asked “where is it written” so that we can consider rerouting truck traffic from Northampton St. We’ll also look at deterrents for engine-braking by trucks on Mass Ave.
Election: Officers for 2016 are President, Carol Blair; Vice-president, Bud Larievy; Secretary, Miren Urrutia; Treasurer, Sara Mitchell; Michael Rodriguez, asst secretary.
Nearby Development: Hamilton Company has increased the number of “affordable units” in their proposal to build 45 units on Frederick Douglas Green (150 Camden, currently zoned for 9 units). NU has proposed a 20-story dorm between Tremont & Columbus (10 Burke St, where 2013 master plan shows 6-8 stories).
Proposed garage: on Northampton St, behind 561 Mass Ave – discussion included concerns included about height of wall, size and color of garage door, and whether recent construction leading to existing conditions was approved by Landmarks Commission.
Alexandra Hotel: We’ll work with interested parties to assemble a vision for restoration/renovation and reuse and invite buyer to collaborate for planning and approvals. A boutique hotel or condos? A roof-top restaurant?
Next Meeting: February 3
Click on “minutes”, above, for full report on meeting

Summary of Monthly Meeting April 3rd

Sara Mitchell chaired the meeting. Seven attended: Jim O’Donnell, others named below.

Tree Planting –
Carol Blair presented the results of a survey she and Lloyd Fillion completed in order to identify potential locations for new street trees. A list of 41 possibilities was submitted to the City’s Tree Warden. The majority of these were on Shawmut Ave and Northampton St.

Arbor Day Saturday, April 27
Planning includes street clean-up, collecting & planting acorns w/ kids (in pots for them to take home), quiz/scavenger hunt, tent, music, food, flier, and donations. A follow-up planning meeting will be held April 10. Tom Sheeley and Sandra Alvarado will do a flier. Mark Carrig will distribute the flier and solicit businesses for contributions. Anthony Liburdi will arrange for Victory House volunteers to distribute the flier.

Lloyd Fillion asked that notes on the March meeting be corrected to show that he was asked to contact neighbors (whose sidewalks are used to store trash /recycling barrels) on Northampton St only. Lloyd reported these contacts had been effective in removing some bins but others, apparently relating to a non-resident landlord, remain. He indicated the next step would be to contact the City for enforcement. The meeting asked Lloyd to do that.

Business listings on CSANA Website –
Mark Carrig asked that our website list of businesses be updated, removing businesses no longer in the neighborhood and adding his, Carrig Kitchens.

Next meeting 7 pm, May 1 at USES, 566 Columbus Ave