Cell Phone Emergency Number: 617.343.4911
DO NOT call 911 from a cell phone

D-4 Police Non-Emergency informational number: 617.343.4250

Boston Police Department Area D-4

Parking Violations: Pay your tickets online.


Trash Pick-up: Schedules by Street
Violations contact Elizabeth Leary at Inspectional Services: 617.961.3369

Recycling Information and Blue Bins: 617.635.4959

TV Pickup: 617.635.7574

Paint and Motor Oil Disposal: 617.635.4959


Boston Street Sweeping Email reminders
BostonSweeper is a free service designed to save you money and prevent parking headaches by automatically e-mailing you reminders to move your car before the street sweeper comes.

City Government

City of Boston: E-services, city services, notifications, city information.

Mayor’s Hotline: 617.635.4500

Pet Regulations

Dog fouling and the law

The City of Boston’s dog fouling ordinance, section 16-1.10a of the city code, requires dog owners to remove and properly dispose of any feces left by their dogs. This ordinance covers waste left by your dog on sidewalks, streets and parks, and on your neighbor’s yards.

When walking your dog, the law necessitates you to be prepared for such occurrences and be equipped with a bag or some other means of feces removal. After it is removed, it is important to dispose of the feces properly, either in a toilet or in a trash container (after being secured in a plastic bag).

These laws are intended to protect the public from potential hazardous health conditions, and prevent environmental pollution caused by dog waste.

General Public service web site for the South End.

Residential Housing Exemptions: Save on your property taxes

Washington Gateway Main Street: The mission of The South End Business Alliance  is to organize and unify the voice of businesses in the South End.