Association Bylaws

I. Association Boundaries

a. The boundaries of the Chester Square Neighborhood are as follows:

Massachusetts Avenue, from Tremont Street to Washington Street.

Northampton Street from Tremont Street to Shawmut Street.

Shawmut Avenues from West Springfield Street to Northampton Street.

The even side of Tremont Street from Northampton Street to West Springfield Street.

The even side of Washington Street from West Springfield Street to Northampton Street.

The even side of west Springfield from Tremont Street to Shawmut Avenue.

II. Membership

a. All residents in the boundaries of the Chester Square Neighborhood Association age 18 or older are eligible to vote at general meetings

b. All merchants operating within the association are eligible to vote at general meetings and to become members of the Board. membership is limited to one representative per business.

c. Each member of the association is allowed only one vote.

d. All association members may submit items of business to the Board to be considered and/or voted upon by the membership prior to the general meeting or as stated in t Section IVe.

III. Officers

a. The Board shall consist of the following offices – President, ice-President, Secretary, Treasurer – elected by the membership.

b. Nominations for officers shall be accepted at the December monthly meeting; election of officer shall take place at the next January meeting.

c. The elected officers shall server for a term of one year.

d. The Board shall meet at least once a month prior to the general meeting.

e. The Board shall carry out association policy as determined by the general membership an din accord with the association bylaws.

f. In instances of conflict regarding policy, a vote of the general membership shall supercede the action of the Board.

IV. General Meetings

a. All association members as defined in I are eligible to vote at general meetings.

b. All votes are determined by a majority of the attending members except when amending the bylaws (see section VI).

c. A monthly meeting must be held, in the evening on a weekday, at a time and place determined by the Board in light of the availability of appropriate meeting space.

d. A printed agenda for the general meetings will be made available to the association members and to the general public the week prior to the monthly ,meeting/ The agenda may be amended as determined by the board.

e. Items of business to be consider and/or voted upon by the membership may be introduced at the general meetings as “new business” at the discretion of the meeting chair and time permitting.

V. Formation of Committees

a. The general membership, either through their elected officers or at a general meeting, shall form, as necessary, committees to address specific issues of concern to the association.

b. Committees may nominate a chairperson. The President (or Vice-President when necessary) of the Association will serve as Co-chair for all committees.

c. Committees will be charged with representing the association for a particular concern. Any matter undertaken by the committee which result in or require the formation of new association policy must be put before the general membership or the Board for a vote or approval.

d. All committee activities amy be reviewed at any time at the request of the President or Vice-President, or by any member at the general monthly meeting.

VI. Amendments to the Bylaws

a. Proposed additions, deletions or changes to the bylaws must be presented to the general membership in writing at the meeting prior to the meeting at which the vote will take place.

b. Additions, deletions or changes to the bylaws must be approved by a two-thirds vote of at least fifty attending members at a general meeting.

VII. Rules of Order

a. All business procedure not provided for in these bylaws shall be governed by the rules contained in the current editions of Robert’s Rules of Order in all cases where applicable and not inconsistent with these bylaws.