Summary – Monthly Meeting March 6, 2013

Sara Mitchell chaired the meeting. Seven attended, including two not named below: Jim O’Donnell and Rudy Mitchell

Trash – The City has initiated a pilot program for the area between West Newton St and Mass Ave (including both sides of Mass Ave) to increase enforcement and require that trash be placed at the curb no earlier than 11 pm the day before, and no later than 7 am the day of, trash pick-up.
Northampton St is not included, but we hope to improve conditions there, as well. Lloyd Fillion will follow-up with building owners where problems with sidewalk maintenance and trash recycling are noted.

Tree Planting –
Carol Blair reported the City has agreed to plant trees in two empty tree pits (on Springfield St and Northampton St) and plans to close up the remaining tree pits we found (all on Northampton St) because they don’t meet criteria for separation from light poles and so forth. The meeting asked Carol to inquire further:
– Will these two trees be planted before our Arbor Day celebration April 27?
– Can we hold off on closing the non-compliant tree pits until we have a plan to put more green on the street? If we can’t move the non-compliant pits enough to meet tree planting criteria, perhaps we could plant bushes or flowers in these openings.
– Will there be a possibility of additional trees for Shawmut Ave and Northampton St, which lack the tree lines of the other streets in the neighborhood?

Arbor Day –
We’re planning a clean-up for Saturday (4/27) from 9-11 am, followed by a celebration of our old and new trees.
Tom Sheeley volunteered to design a flier to promote the occasion.
Anthony Liburdi volunteered to distribute the flier and explore coordination with other institutions in the neighborhood.
Lloyd Fillion will bring tools, gloves, bags, etc, as provided by the City that morning.
Email: with your ideas or to offer help.
Residents may bring refreshments to share. Would you make a coffee cake or muffins bring nuts or juice or fruit or …?

Construction –
South End Apartments will totally renovate all of the many buildings they operate in our neighborhood, beginning in September. They will attend our May 1 meeting to present plans and solicit feedback.

Our Next Meeting –
7 pm on Wed, April 3 at Harriet Tubman House (566 Columbus Ave, corner of Mass Ave)

Agenda for next meeting – Wednesday, March 6 @ 7 pm

Location: USES Tubman House, 566 Columbus Ave (at corner of Mass Ave)

1. Secretary’s Report: Notes from Feb 6 meeting
2. Treasurer’s report

  • Current Balance
  • Anticipated Costs
  • Wish list
  • Fundraiser

3. Trash

  • Pilot project to reduce trash exposure
  • Information brochure for new residents (trash, parking, CSANA, etc.)

4. Arbor Day – Saturday, April 27

  • Tree & flower planting
  • Trimming holly near fountain in Chester Park
  • Clean-up
  • Celebration

5. Parking
6. South End Apartments – schedule presentation on planned renovations
7. Other Business
8. Next Meeting Date

Summary of Monthly Meeting Feb 6, 2013

Sara Mitchell chaired the meeting. Seven residents attended.

Lloyd Fillion and Sandra Alvarado, reported on Executive Committee initiatives:
• We will post an agenda on website a week before the general meeting.
• Alternate meeting locations are being explored (inside CSANA boundary).
• Areas of Interest for the Coming Year:
-to preserve and improve our neighborhood environment (attractive, healthy surroundings) and
-to build community (mutual support & protection)

• We are communicating with city officials in an attempt to schedule street-cleaning and trash collections to work together to minimize litter.
• Wanting to keep sidewalks clear for pedestrians, we ask that residents and property owners store trash and recycling containers between collection days. An information brochure for new residents is in the works, providing info on trash disposal, parking, CSANA, etc.

Arbor Day
• Carol Blair and Lloyd Fillion were authorized to review suggestions, survey the neighborhood, and submit a request to the City suggesting locations for tree planting.
• Mark Carrig was authorized to inquire of Parks and Recreation about trimming back the holly in Chester Park near the fountain.
• Sandra Alvarado, Jim O’Donnell, and Carol Blair were asked to plan a clean-up and Arbor Day celebration for Saturday, April 27. Contact Carol Blair @ 617-266-6807 with your ideas and help.

Historical Preservation
Meeting voted to provide a letter for the Boston Real Estate Collaborative, represented at the meeting by our neighbor Will Avanessian in support of their application for a historical preservation award for renovation of the Calvin Swallow Residence at 784 Tremont St.

Other Business
• A Feb 21 seminar by the City will inform landlords about new rental ordinances with respect to registration and inspections. More info at
• South End Apartments, which owns many buildings in the Chester area, will begin a total renovation in September 2013.
• Additional items suggested for next meeting: Parking, Fundraiser