April Meeting Minutes

CSANA 4/6/2016


Hampton House: 155 Northhampton St

Meeting Minutes: Miren

7:04pm                 Meeting opened by Bud and introductions.

Last meeting’s minutes were reviewed and approved at 7:06pm.


Treasurer’s Report: Sara

  • Current budget: $3,370.62
  • Sara would like to have 3 committee members to assist in drafting a fundraising letter, with the objective of beautifying/lighting the park, as well as events for the whole year.
  • This will be put on the agenda for next month’s meeting

Boston Shines April 30th

  • Bud will talk/email Sam Chambers re: mulch and will know how much mulch is needed, and how much mulch will be available to us
  • Miren: will handle getting wheelbarrows (preferably two)
  • We will do flyers that mention FB and website
  • Start time will be 10am. VH clients will be available to help starting at 9am


Alexandra Hotel

  • Nothing new, down to 5 contenders/potential buyers from 52


Mass Ave/Shawmut Store Vacancy

  • What do we want to see there?
  • Coffee shop, ice cream/frozen yogurt place
    • Something that adds to the community


  • Randi has requested that this be moved to May’s agenda
  • As an aside: Sara would like to have owners of Tropical Foods to come to a CSANA meeting and share how we can support them

Comet Place-

  • waiting on info from Sam Chambers

Ideas for Beautification, Activities and Safety in Chester Park

  • It was suggested to look into a 3 month lighting opportunity in park (like in Franklin Park)
    • Idea is to light trees 2/3 way up
    • This could be done to trees around the fountain or all trees
    • Both sides of park will support lights, as well as flood lights that will not shine into residences
    • Idea will be to Increase safety and decrease drug use in area as well as beautification
    • Likely will need a “partner” to sponsor Chester Park to make this happen (going back to Sara’s request for a fundraising committee)
  • Wesley suggested approaching art schools in area about doing an installment
  • Overall everyone agreed that the following needed to be determined:
    • What do we want
    • Who to partner with
    • What do we prioritize
  • As a result the following was decided:
    • Subcommittee: Bud, Mark, Wesley, Sam
    • Prioritize working on planters first
      • Mark has done inventory on dead and missing trees and will send to Boston Parks Dept to be rectified
    • Daffodils on median: Done by Mark
    • There was a motion by Sara to determine how much money CSANA would spend. It was agreed this would be discussed again next month after inventory of supplies is completed.

South End Forum

  • At most recent meeting there was a discussion about traffic, Bud communicated that Mass Ave has worst traffic in the South End.
  • There was a digital speedometer recently installed on Mass Ave on odd side of the park.


  • Wesley has volunteered to help
  • Julian paid domain fees and will need to be reimbursed

Next Meeting:  Wednesday 5/4/16 Hampton House @7pm

One thought on “April Meeting Minutes

  1. Thanks:Unfortunate, I could not make your meeting. Re-organizing myself!I would like to volunteer with the beautification and fund raising.Again, for the up-date, and keep up your diligent volunteer appropriation’s.rsp/dhn

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