Monthly Meeting of April 7, 2010

President Ben Garvin called the meeting to order at 7:12 pm.

Item 1Update on Fountain Maintenance.

Mike Tierney, who maintains the fountains in the Commons, provided CSANA with an estimate for fountain maintenance totaling $8.940.00 annually.  The proposal was very extensive and included twice weekly visits to maintain the fountains.  CSANA only agreed to open and close the fountains at the beginning and end of the season and does not believe it committed to such extensive maintenance.  The parks department is now indicating that the city may be able to open and close the fountains.

David Gacioch (Vice-president) and Sheila Chiemets (former Secretary) will set up a meeting with the parks department to determine what CSANA needs to do to maintain the fountains.  The maintenance proposal is likely excessive for the needs of the fountains.  There is a need for a company that can be contacted in case of problems with the fountains.

Item 2. Review of street naming procedures.

Originally the carriageways were named “Chester Square.”  To make this change honorary, 80% of owners and/or owner associations must agree.  To make this change official – so that mail will not be delivered unless addressed to Chester Park – 100% of owners and/or owner associations must agree.  Members commented that most people would not want to change all of their contact information and therefore would prefer an honorary change.  The remainder of this discussion was tabled until the next meeting.

Item 3. Update on Shawmut bus stop.

There has been no communication from massDOT.  Ben Garvin (President) will contact Greg Strangeways, a representative from massDOT who came to the February CSANA meeting.

Item 4. Website design changes.

This item was tabled until the next meeting.

Item 5. Event Planning.

Members have suggested that the parks be used for events such as cookouts, concerts, family events, etc.  Members of CSANA will reach out to the Jazz Festival (now run by Berklee School of Music) to see if they are interested in sponsoring an event in the parks.

Item 6. Fundraising.

A motion was passed to make May the official fundraising month for CSANA.  Some immediate fundraising priorities were discussed.  Ben Garvin (President) will reach out to Cru to discuss another wine tasting.  Last year’s event raised substantial money.  The South End Garden Tour will include the Chester Square Parks and Ben will also contact the group to find out if CSANA can fundraise during that event.

Item 7. Parking during construction.

Related to parking, Ben Garvin (President) updated the group on the reason for the steep grade in the sidewalk.  In order to be ADA compliant the sidewalk must have four foot wide, flat sections before it can be graded down to the level of the curb.  This results in a very steep grade towards the curb.  Additionally, Ben will be meeting with the engineer to discuss some of the dips found in the sidewalk since installed.

During construction, parking has been difficult for residents.  There was some discussion about how to create more resident parking spots.  The “visitor only” spots on Chester Park may be able to be changed to allow residents to park.  There is significant parking for residents and non-residents that residents could more easily use if it was resident permit parking only.

Item 8. Visit from Stuart Rosenberg, Chief of Staff for Felix G. Arroyo, City Councilor at-large.

Mr. Rosenberg came to introduce himself to the group as the Chief of Staff for the newly elected City Councilor at-Large.

Item 9. Miscellaneous.

There has been a problem with street sweepers not cleaning West Springfield Street.  This may be due to a route change which makes West Springfield Street the last street on the route and may be missed because the street sweepers can’t finish in time.

The South End library branch will remain open.

There will be new bushes for planting on the east side of Chester Park on April 24th, which is also the park cleanup day.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:12 pm.

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