Chester Square Neighbors Agenda September 7, 2022 at 7pm

Chester Square Neighbors Agenda September 7, 2022 at 7pm


Notes from August meeting

Treasurer’s Report

Stoop party wrap-up

Sept 18, a festival like no other – residents, businesses and institutions along Mass Ave, celebrating who we are with live jazz on both sides of Chester Park, carriageway closed to make a fun space for kids, free raffle with prizes from local businesses, Mass Ave data diving hosted by NU Prof Michelle Borkin, toy boats and duckies in the fountains, South End Historical Society open house, Juan Perez’ paintings from our ‘hood, and MUCH more! Tonight, we’ll check in with the organizers of our Mass Ave Coalition Festival and welcome volunteers.

City Councilor Tania Anderson asks feedback on District 7 Advisory Group’s proposal for moratorium on developing city-owned land in District 7, to allow time for community to plan land use.


Election Days, Sept 6 & Nov 8 – Will you vote, work for a candidate, get a stipend to help in your poll location, or join your neighbors outside to attract and register voters?

Chester Square Neighbors website – If you have photos for, please share with Alyssa (

Agenda for June 1 Zoom


May 4  Zoom Minutes

Treasurer’s Report


Private sewer proposal – maintenance & equity for those who live along our private alleys


Agenda for December 1 Zoom – advance registration required


Notes from Nov Meeting

Treasurer’s Report

Nominations for 2022 leadership team – president – Carol Blair, VP – Sara Mitchell, secretary – Kelsey Schiller, treasurer – Teo Giorgiev, online organizer – Alyssa Faria, events team –


  • November – Election Day Nov 3, Fall clean-up Nov 20
  • December – distributing season’s greetings to doorknobs
  • January – NU data visualization project for Mass Ave Coalition will present to our January 5 Zoom. Neighbors from Worcester Sq NA and Claremont NA will be invited to join us.



Chester Square Clean-up Saturday, 9 – 11:30am (Nov 20)

May we be full of gratitude,
exercising our bodies
and enjoying our neighbors
as we work together to clean up
Chester Park and the public spaces we share.

Meet up with Jim, Teo, the guys from Victory House and others at the corner of Chester Park nearest 564 Mass Ave. The City will provide tools. Bring your coffee or refreshments to share and we’ll scope out the morning!