Agenda for January 6, 2021 – 7pm (6:45 Zoom practice/social)

Advance registration required:

  1. Introductions
  2. Notes from Dec 2 Zoom
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. CSN officers (2021) A slate of candidates was nominated in December: Carol Blair (president), Sara Mitchell (VP), Armani White (secretary), Kelsey Schiller (treasurer), Alyssa Faria (online community coordinator). Are there additional nominations?
  5. Election – 2021 CSN officers
  6. Snow – Schedule permitting, City Council President Kim Janey, and Kim Crucioli from the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services, will talk with us about our experiences with our first snow storm of the year and what the City can do to make sure streets and sidewalks are clear.
  7. Signs for Chester Park – Michael Rodriguez and Mathew Martin have installed “temporary” signs at entrances (see below). We expect proofs for historical signs (installed by parks dept) to be available soon and signs installed in the spring. Shall we plan a dedication event?
  8. Submit your concerns/ideas at ENVISION YOUR STREETS (

Next Chester Square Neighbors’ Meetings: Wednesdays, Feb 3 & Mar 3

Temporary sign text: “Welcome to Chester Square. We hope you find this space both peaceful and playful. Please do what you can to keep it safe and welcoming for all. Chester Square Neighbors,

Monthly Meeting of June 2, 2010

President Ben Garvin called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm.

Item 1Fountain contractor bids.

Another bid for fountain maintenance was received by CSANA.  The bid was slightly lower than the first.  At this time there was no further information regarding contract negotiations and the fountain.

Item 2. Plantings.

Alma Dell Smith will order additional dwarf arbivores to even out the plantings.  James Grady will move the arbivores and variegated plants to make both sides of the Chester Square Parks even.  No more annuals will be purchased until the budget is reviewed.

Item 3. Crime statistics on web page.

Currently there is a link on the webpage to the Boston Police Department’s web site.

Item 4. Update on fundraising.

On June 27th, CRU will host a wine-tasting fundraiser.  James Grady has designed a paper and email invitation.  Joe DiGangi will take care of printing and mailing the invitation to all residents in the CSANA area.  CSANA will cover the cost of postage.  Members of CSANA will approach area restaurants and shops for food donations for the event.  Matina Madrick will post Save the Date postcards in area locations.

Item 5. Browne Fund.

This topic has been tabled until the next meeting.

Item 6. South End Garden tour.

CSANA did not feel that the South End Garden tour will require any additional support or provide a strong platform for fundraising this year.

There will be no meeting in July

Meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.

Monthly Meeting May 5, 2010

Vice President David Gacioch called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm.

Item 1Review of Street Name procedures.

In order to change the name of the carriageways to Chester Square West/East or a similar name with new building numbers, 100% of the residents would have to agree.  As at least one resident objected to this change at the last meeting, this effort would likely be extremely difficult and perhaps fruitless.  However, a more informal change could be considered.

Item 2. Update on Shawmut bus stop.

It is unclear if anything has changed with the status of the Shawmut bus stop.  A bus stop sign is missing and cars have been seen parked there but it is not clear if the buses are still stopping there.

Item 3. Website design changes.

The website is now in a blog format.  It is much easier to use, maintain and there is also a Flickr page for photos.

It has been suggested that the website include neighborhood crime statistics, but the group thought that perhaps a link the to BPD website and their crime blog might be easier.  The issue will be revisited at the next meeting.

Item 4. Fundraising.

The group decided that we should concentrate on the Cru event for fundraising for now and delay a letter writing campaign until a little later in the year.  Ben Garvin (President) will finalize a date for the event and James Grady and Joe DiGangi have agreed to help with invitations.  We will also need to contact a neighborhood restaurant regarding additional food.

Item 5. Fountain contractor bids.

Another bid for contract maintenance is expected shortly.  The original bid for maintenance has been reduced to $4500.00.  The City has agreed to open and close the fountains but will need CSANA to maintain the fountains.  CSANA will continue to talk with the City to reach a cooperative maintenance solution.

Item 6. Park clean up.

CSANA would like to give a huge thank you everybody who worked to clean up the park on Boston Shines.  CSANA is hugely grateful for everyone’s efforts.  It is not clear that the even side of the park will require as much clean-up.

Additionally, Joe DiGangi has spoken to a landscaper who would be willing to help plan some additional plantings and work in the park.  James Grady will check with Alma Dell (head of the landscaping subcommittee) to discuss what clean up and planting needs the park still requires.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.