June Meeting Agenda

Chester Square Neighbors
Agenda for Wednesday, June 5, 2019 at 7pm
Hampton House, 155 Northampton St

  • Introductions
  • May meeting minutes
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Friends of Chester Park Spring cleanup and planting: May 19th @ 9 am
  • 2019 stoop parties (guide for hosts and calendar to sign up) HH July 10?
  • New initiative for project notifications: Request / require developers to post info on project site.
  • New Boston Ventures presentation re: 566 Columbus Ave/USES
  • CSN brand
    • We strengthen relationships between neighbors, increase trust and mutual support.
    • We are called South End, Roxbury, and sometimes both (bisected by Mass Ave)
    • Our residents are as diverse as any in the city and our bylaws are inclusive (all who live or work here are welcome to participate fully).
    • 85-90% of our neighbors are tenants; most of our voting attendance is home owners.
  • Outreach – Most communications are by email to those who have signed up. Can we do more to make ourselves known? More stoop parties? More door-hangers?
  • Decals for front doors? Other ideas?
  • Parklet in parking space? PARK(ing) Day 2019, Friday, Sept 20
  • Trees ($10k Alexandra mitigation), inventory with Speak for the Trees
  • Updates
    • Shawmut Ave festival
    • Melnea Cass Boulevard

Next Chester Square Neighbors’ Meetings: Wednesdays, August 7, Sept 4

Summer Stoop Parties are Back!


An easy way to meet neighbors! Can you host? What does it take?

⦁ Front steps &/or sidewalk
⦁ Water & another beverage (CSN has large decanters)
⦁ Snacking food (small table available to borrow)
⦁ Welcome to passers-by (CSN has a banner)


⦁ Balloons, sidewalk chalk, games can make it fun
⦁ Invite others in your building to help, if you like
⦁ Folding chairs are sometimes good (Be sure to leave room for people to pass by.)
⦁ Some use a car to reserve parking space for expansive feel
Enjoy the company of your neighbors passing by on their way home. It’s a low-key event. And watch the schedule for other stoop parties on your street or neighboring streets

Let’s see if we can do a stoop party every week, and at least one on each street/block. Choose a date and time (typically 2 hours or so, weekday evening, maybe 4 or 5 to 7 or 8) using the form below, or reach out to Sara Smitchell@egc.org) to sign up or answer any questions.

Photos from 2018 Stoop Party

May Meeting Agenda

May Meeting Agenda
Chester Square Neighbors
Agenda for Wednesday, May 1, 2019 at 7pm
Hampton House, 155 Northampton St

1. Introductions
2. April meeting minutes
3. Treasurer’s Report
4. 2019 stoop parties (guide for hosts and calendar to sign up)
5. Important that neighbors attend Monday April 29 public meetings to support or oppose these projects and make specific comments. At May 1 meeting, we can also take group position.
• 770 Tremont St (4/29 @ 6 pm, South End Library, 685 Tremont)
• 527 Mass Ave / 223 Northampton (4/29 @ 7 pm, South End Library, 685 Tremont)
6. Northeastern University’s PhD data visualization team has prepared many interactive charts and graphs to give insights for our park and our neighborhood: http://www.ccs.neu.edu/home/gmalik/FCS/ One item sticks out for me: most of our neighbors (85-90%) are tenants – renters. Does this suggest a new urgency for engaging more neighbors?
7. Outreach Strategies – CSN strengthens relationships between neighbors and increases mutual trust and support. We aim to be inclusive; but we’re far more homogeneous than our racially and economically diverse and culturally rich neighborhood. What can we do to draw the attention and talents of those who do not currently participate? Could we install physical markers in the neighborhood? Can we do more with stoop parties? Other ideas?
8. Proposal to rebuild Long Island Bridge (connecting to comprehensive long-term recovery campus) public hearing: Tuesday, May 7th at 7pm at 440 East Squantum St, Quincy MA 02171. Public comment in support is critical for Boston to receive permits for bridge. Information: https://www.boston.gov/long-island

April Meeting Agenda

Chester Square Neighbors
Agenda for Wednesday, Apr 3, 2019 at 7pm
Hampton House, 155 Northampton St

A lot has happened since our last meeting. We’ll have updates and dialog about next steps re:
• The Alexandra Hotel
• Set-asides for parks, trees, Silver Line, and community fund.
• Issues not yet resolved – parking, deliveries, hours of construction
• Approvals still needed: zoning & Landmarks reviews
• 770 Tremont St – Tuesday 3/2, 6 pm at Hampton House
• 223 Northampton St – Tuesday 3/2, 7 pm at Hampton House
• Bicycle parking – 7/11, Seiyo, Alexandra, Blue Bikes @ Washington/Lenox & Tremont/Northampton
• Waterworks repairs on Mass Ave inbound (carriageway) begin April 1. Work hours 7am-4pm
• Trees – Join Speak for the Trees. Also summer jobs: Teen Urban Tree Corps
• League of Women for Community Service, CPA $ to restore 558 Mass Ave

Next Chester Square Neighbors’ Meetings: Wednesdays, May 1, Jun 5