Summer Stoop Parties are Back!


An easy way to meet neighbors! Can you host? What does it take?

⦁ Front steps &/or sidewalk
⦁ Water & another beverage (CSN has large decanters)
⦁ Snacking food (small table available to borrow)
⦁ Welcome to passers-by (CSN has a banner)


⦁ Balloons, sidewalk chalk, games can make it fun
⦁ Invite others in your building to help, if you like
⦁ Folding chairs are sometimes good (Be sure to leave room for people to pass by.)
⦁ Some use a car to reserve parking space for expansive feel
Enjoy the company of your neighbors passing by on their way home. It’s a low-key event. And watch the schedule for other stoop parties on your street or neighboring streets

Let’s see if we can do a stoop party every week, and at least one on each street/block. Choose a date and time (typically 2 hours or so, weekday evening, maybe 4 or 5 to 7 or 8) using the form below, or reach out to Sara to sign up or answer any questions.

Photos from 2018 Stoop Party

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