Update for Chester Neighbors

Our next meeting will be Wed, Aug 5. In the meantime, a lot’s happening:
∙ The Mayor’s Office has asked us to watch for signs on Northampton St to exclude large trucks. Please email info@chestersquareassociation.org if you see them! They are also considering a traffic signal for Washington St at Northampton St.
∙ Boston Police Dept is using a new grant for traffic enforcement this summer, to address our concerns about motorcycle activity and noise on Massachusetts Ave.
∙ Parks Commissioner Chris Cook visited Chester Park last week for a walk-through with our park task force. He was impressed with our stewardship of the park; he offered help with maintaining soil and trees; he committed to replacing trash barrels with covered trash containers that are more in keeping with the architecture of the park; and he’s happy to work with us to find a way to maintain the fences, fountains and benches.

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