Highlights of June 3 Meeting

Motorcycles – Info on when and where neighbors have experienced problems with motorcycle noise, was gathered to help police direct their patrols.
Chester Park: Mark and Michelle are leading our Chester Park work group. Miren joins them to organize Victory House residents who want to join in.
Curb parking – A preliminary inventory of parking restrictions was reviewed -corrections are needed. In a discussion of what changes to signage and the resident parking program would work best for our neighborhood, many interests were represented: residents who have a car all the time, residents who use a car occasionally (rental, Zipcar), residents who need parking for those who come to their home (visiting nurse, family, …), and those who work for businesses and institutions in the neighborhood. More to come …
Communications – We’re gearing up for more online participation, to supplement our monthly meetings. Helpful suggestions were gathered for our “Business” and “Resources” pages.
Power of the group: Each of eight people attending took responsibility for something.

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