June 3, 2015 – Draft Agenda – 7 pm Meeting

email info@chestersquareassociation.org for location

Motorcycle noise – BPD District 4 hopes to attend. Can you help with specifics to direct a patrol? Please bring your concerns about this and other matters for police attention.
Chester Park – What’s happening? What’s needed now?
Curb parking – South End Forum is considering changes to parking restrictions. Do you ever have trouble finding parking for yourself or for visitors?
In the Know – what info on “Businesses” and “Resources” do we want to show on our website?
Events – What’s next?

3 thoughts on “June 3, 2015 – Draft Agenda – 7 pm Meeting

  1. I’m glad to see that motorcycle noise is on the agenda. Noise comes from motorcycles and also from dirt bikes and four wheel ATVs, which I’m assume are being operated by unlicensed riders. And it’s not only a noise issue but also a public safety issue. On several occasions I’ve seen 10 to 20 bikers amass at – and then take over – the intersection of Mass Ave and Tremont, stopping the flow of traffic. I’ve seen cars fully stopped in the middle of the intersection, surrounded by bikers. I saw one biker hit by a car as the driver lurched forward, trying to get through the intersection.

    One note on truck noise on Northampton: One culprit is Charles George Recycling. Their trucks use Northampton daily, usually between 6-7 AM. The noise generated by their trucks is enormous, especially as they cross Tremont onto Northampton between Tremont and Columbus. That stretch of Northampton is in bad condition and the noise and vibration that trucks generate as they bound down that block fills is almost laughable. I’ve called Charles George and spoke to a dispatcher. He said he’d ask drivers to stay off Northampton and use Mass Ave instead. That was two weeks ago (beginning of May) – no change – Charles George trucks are still using Northampton daily. I emailed the company last week – no response.

  2. Carol, the best time for dirt bikes and ATVs is Saturday or Sunday, during the day, most active time is probably noon – 5 PM. Truck noise on Northampton begins 5 AM and continues through early evening. I’m happy to help out in any effort to obtain and/or document observations.

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