Chester Square Neighbors Agenda April 6, 2022 at 7pm (6:45 Zoom practice/social)


Notes from March 2 Zoom (see also Boston Sun article)

Treasurer’s Report

Jazz Square (Bob Barney, President, Claremont NA)


Real Estate Projects

  • 541 Mass Ave – rear deck & stair
  • 157 W Springfield St – Developer will defer at April 5 ZBA, after meeting with abutters and Councilor Anderson concluded project would harm the neighborhood
  • Alexandra (April 26 ZBA hearing)
    Letter from neighbors and neighborhood organizations requesting “…the design be again reviewed given the substantive change in use”

Mass Ave Coalition Festival in Chester Park

Agenda 2022 March 2 Zoom

Mass Ave History
Alison Barnet, more interested in people than architecture, will share stories and begin to familiarize us with the rich history along Mass Ave. Much of tonight’s talk is drawn from Once Upon A Neighborhood: A Timeline and Anecdotal History of the South End of Boston. Her most recent book is South End Incident, the story of her life in the South End in the 60s. She also published a collection of her columns published in the South End News, South End Character. Interested in her bio? Check out this fun piece on the Athenaeum’s website.
Mass Ave Coalition Festival in Chester Park
Active, sensory, playful activities
Interactive exhibits (history, park possibilities, data dive, tree equity)
Music, food
Collaborators – 4 neighborhood associations
Sponsors – institutions, developers, businesses
Guests – elected officials, candidates, media
Notes from February 2 Zoom
Treasurer’s Report

Alexandra ZBA March 8
Ebenezer – ZBA hearing April 5 @ 11:30 (having deferred twice)
At Victory House in Chester Square and other locations near us, Victory Programs helps people in recovery from substance abuse. Click here to learn about and support their work.

Agenda – 02/02/2022 – 7 pm Zoom

Notes from January meeting
Treasurer’s Report
Initiatives for District 7 – City Councilor Tania Anderson
Repurposing the Ebenezer Church building (157 W Springfield St)
• letters from abutters, NPHS, CSN, WSANA, CNA
• ZBA hearing Feb 8
• Send your testimony to Zoning Board of Appeal & copy
Beyond Mass/Cass
• Progress and room for improvement at Newmarket (aka “Mass Cass”) Also note Plan Newmarket re: transportation, jobs
• Visioning an avenue where residents and businesses thrive
• Fall festival
• Collaborating with other groups
Snow – round-up after the storm
• The Alexandra – community meeting Feb 3 @ 6:30 pm (virtual)
• At Victory House in Chester Square and other locations near us, Victory Programs helps people in recovery from substance abuse. Click here to learn about or support their work.
• Free, at-home COVID tests

Agenda for Jan 5, 2022

  1. NU class data visualization – see the Mass Ave corridor: parking, public transportation, traffic, business, buildings/infrastructure, 2020 Census results, ecology, and public safety (created for the Mass Ave Coalition, under Northeastern University’s Community Service Program – Prof Michelle Borkin will lead the presentation. Neighbors from Worcester Sq NA and Claremont NA are invited to join us)
  2. Election of leadership for 2022 – the following have been nominated for president, vice-president, secretary, Treasurer and On-line Coordinator: Carol Blair, Sara Mitchell, Kelsey Schiller, Teo Georgiev, Alyssa Faria
  3. Notes from December’s meeting
  4. Treasurer’s report
  5. Updates:
    • Holiday greeting from CSN to every door
    • Ebenezer Church repurposing (letter to ZBA, hearing deferred to Feb 8)