April Meeting Agenda

Chester Square Neighbors
Agenda for Wednesday, Apr 3, 2019 at 7pm
Hampton House, 155 Northampton St

A lot has happened since our last meeting. We’ll have updates and dialog about next steps re:
• The Alexandra Hotel
• Set-asides for parks, trees, Silver Line, and community fund.
• Issues not yet resolved – parking, deliveries, hours of construction
• Approvals still needed: zoning & Landmarks reviews
• 770 Tremont St – Tuesday 3/2, 6 pm at Hampton House
• 223 Northampton St – Tuesday 3/2, 7 pm at Hampton House
• Bicycle parking – 7/11, Seiyo, Alexandra, Blue Bikes @ Washington/Lenox & Tremont/Northampton
• Waterworks repairs on Mass Ave inbound (carriageway) begin April 1. Work hours 7am-4pm
• Trees – Join Speak for the Trees. Also summer jobs: Teen Urban Tree Corps
• League of Women for Community Service, CPA $ to restore 558 Mass Ave

Next Chester Square Neighbors’ Meetings: Wednesdays, May 1, Jun 5

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