CSANA June Meeting Minutes

CSANA 6/1/2016


Hampton House: 155 Northhampton St

Meeting Minutes: Miren

7pm                       Meeting opened by Carol.

May meeting minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Sara

  • Current Budget $3045.71
    • Includes reimbursement for Boston Shines ($324.91)
  • Sara proposed that a budget could be created for future purchases
  • A motion was passed that going forward all purchases for CSANA would be pre-approved at the monthly meetings.
    • This excludes petty cash expenses up to $150

`Neighborhood Crime Report: Officer Schoulla:

  • Sgt Taxter to follow up on scooters
  • Officer Schoulla cautioned residents on having scooters or else having a really good lock
  • Shawmut/West Spr stop sign compliance: will bring to Sgt Taxter

Comet Place:

  • Replaced Stop sign
  • Residents to petition City of Boston to exclude trucks from Northampton St
    • Tashia, Jim, Phil and Sara to help get signatures

Boston Shines Expeditures: Mark

  • Costs were s the result of mulching and planting done over 2 different days (“Boston Shines 1 and 2”)
  • Park fence in need of repair on Northampton side
  • West side of the park also needs upkeep assistance.

Park Lighting/Park Upkeep

  • The proposal to try to obtain year-round lighting for Chester Sq park was discussed.
    • It was agreed to have predominately white lighting with festive lighting for holidays.
  • This led to a discussion on how to get the neighborhood involved in the upkeep of the park and garden so that it did not fall on just a couple individuals.
    • It was agreed that CSANA would be ultimate authority on decisions in order to make sure everyone is involved and has a say.
  • Michelle proposed that 10 minutes of each meeting could be dedicated to determining that month’s “garden plan”, which could be communicated to the remainder of neighborhood by email.
    • It was agreed that to accomplish this, first the park and surrounding area would need to be surveyed to assess existing conditions.
    • From the survey CSANA will be able to come up with a plan to address the whole neighborhood area’s assessed needs including a  budget plan and allocation of labor.
    • Michelle and Josh will present the completed survey in the September meeting for further discussion.


558 Mass Ave: Historical Site Falling Apart

  • Mark will write letters to get city, state and federal legislators involved to see about funding for repairs
  • Suggestions were also made to get the South End Historical Society involved, and to reach out to caretakers and owners of the building to express CSANA’s interest in providing assistance with requesting funding.


Next Meeting: 7/6/16 7pm at Hampton House

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