Notes from Aug 5 Meeting

  • A STREET WATCH Group will be formed under the leadership of Brian Poe. If you regularly watch from your window or stoop, or walk your dog, a take a stroll to do errands, please check in with Brian, to coordinate with others who are keeping an eye on the street, (find Brian at Cluckit, corner Mass Ave and Tremont.
    You are encouraged to report problems to 911 (if urgent), or 311 (needles, graffiti, other problems needing maintenance) and also to write/call/email your elected officials concerning the need to allocate extra support to care for a recent influx of homeless people and methadone clients and respond to related problems.
  • Mark Carrig organized a Chester Park walk-through with Commissioner Cook. We’ll work with the Parks Department to get dead trees replaced, fountains painted, hedges trimmed, benches refinished, and improved trash containers.
  • SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2015 starting at 10:00 am we’ll meet in Chester Park for music, food, and games including YMCA staff leading activities. $400.00 is authorized for expenses. We’ll use the occasion to raise funds for beautification of the park ($1500 target). Volunteers please contact Sara Mitchell.
  • Brian Poe, chef and partner in the restaurant formerly known as Estelle’s, apologized for the abrupt changes and lack of communication. He reported they are working with the Landmarks Commission to select an appropriate paint color. We asked him to be attentive to other matters that affect neighbors, as well, including late hour noise (trash, customers) and parking.
  • Hamilton Property Group proposes to build a five-story building (44 apartments) on Frederick Douglas Green, destroying open space and fifteen or twenty mature trees. The new building, at 150 Camden St, facing the Piano Factory, would sit fairly tight to the existing sidewalk (much like The Modern, which faces the other side of the Piano Factory on Northampton St). To do this, they need BRA to change the zoning from 9 townhouses allowed by Planned Development Area #27. Our letter to BRA will oppose the project, citing concerns with density, parking, and open space, and asking BRA to turn their attention to the Alexandra Hotel and the overgrown lots at the corner of Shawmut and Camden. [Note: Since our Aug 5 meeting, BRA has scheduled a final meeting on this project for Tuesday, August 25 @ 6:30 in the lobby of 650 Columbus Avenue.]

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