After the Snow

As our first bulbs sprout, I’m told street cleaning (and tag & tow) will begin when melting reveals the curbs. Much as we have longed for the snow to be gone, we must now face an aftermath of trash and damage.

Thankfully, the South End Forum is collecting notes for repairs and clean-up to be submitted to the Mayors Office. If you are aware of a pothole, a clogged drain, a missing sign, a broken streetlight, graffiti, park fence damage, a particularly trashy corner, or any other clean-up/fix-up item, please comment on this post or email

Also, on May 2, the city will provide equipment for, and collect refuse from, our neighborhood clean-up. If you’d like to help, (as above) please comment or email. In the meantime, if you can spare a few minutes to pick up along your sidewalk, perhaps when you take your trash out, THANK YOU!

– Carol Blair, President

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