February 4, 2015


Recorder: Rudy Mitchell                                             TimeKeeper: Joshua Fieldler


  1. Minutes Acceptance

The minutes were reviewed and Sara move to accept them and Bud seconded t he motion. The minutes were accepted without amendments.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

Sara presented the Treasurer’s Report. At this time, the account balance is $4018.09. The expenditure for 2014 was $1004.17. Mark requested to be reimbursed for $15 for printing costs and the wreaths for the Holidays.

  1. CSANA Proposed Operational Norms                              


Bud suggested that we discuss whether or not we needed norms to help guide our conversations. The discussions clarified that norms are not rules. A question was raised as to how people would know what the norms were. It was suggested that they be placed at the top of the agenda and review them at the beginning of the meetings. They are considered values and attitudes, not rules. Also said is that some people are not used to using Robert’s Rules of Order. The next meeting will do a follow up discussion to the norms and their usage.


  1. Tenant Development Corporation Presentation


Tracy Litthicut, representing TDC, explained his involvement and background. The objective is for TDC to build their own office space and develop a community center. Presently, they are considering the lot next to Estelle’s on Tremont Street. The BRA ‘s RFP is not designed to accept a Community Center proposal for development.   They are considering a larger parcel but are ready to break ground this spring. They are requesting a letter of support from the CSANA.


The discussion that followed is that while we support the concept of a community center, the site may not be large enough to accommodate their needs and plans. It was decided to draft a statement of support with comments that affirm a community center idea and to keep us informed as to their progress and include input from the appropriate neighborhood groups.


  1. South End Community Forum and CSANA

Mark explained the origin and function of the South End Forum. The SEF has been meeting for 12 years. It is composed of 15 neighborhood associations and a few business associations as well. The CSANA needs to be represented in the SEF in order to assure that what is produced by them in facts represents our community and that of the South End. We reviewed a listing of the upcoming initiatives and issues that the SEF will be addressing.

A motion was made to make the SEF a permanent item on the agenda so that we could get updates their the issues/concerns so as to give us an opportunity to discuss them and then instruct our representative on how best to represent our views. Also, to request that their agenda be posted in advance so that we can discuss and vote on the upcoming issues before the Forum meets. The motion was approved and passed.

A second motion was made to designate Mark as our official representative to the Forum. The motion was passed.

A third motion was made to send a formal letter requesting that an agenda be sent to us directly from the Forum so we can officially review the items in advance. The motion was passed


  1. Parking “Storm Parking Space Savers “ Issue

This was briefly discussed but without decision or action.


  1. Alexandra Hotel Sale Update

Bud said that no new news on the upcoming sale but that he was in touch with Marc Lacasse about it and the lack of snow clearing in the front and side of the Hotel.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm



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