Blizzard Update

Bad News: There’s more snow coming. (If you feel helpful, please share generously.)

Good News: The South End Forum has monitored snow clearance this week and convinced the Mayors Office and Public Works the South End needs more attention. Crews were in the South End yesterday and will be back today till about 4 PM.

Report trouble spots: Please take the time to document particular situations where snow removal is needed to make walking or driving safe. You may call the Mayors’ Hotline at 617-635-4500, download the Citizen Connect app to your phone, or go online to the Mayor’s 24 hour Constituent Service:

A Reminder: Placing an object in the street to save a parking space is no longer accepted practice in the South End. Please respect the need to share this precious space.

A Vision: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our streets were cleared like they are in Montreal. Check out this video (link provided by Steve Fox of the South End Forum):

One thought on “Blizzard Update

  1. good job on this, thanks!

    I was in the Lenox St area yesterday and every open parking spot had a space saver…so what is one to do if they are just visiting or need a place to park? Down with Space Savers!

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