CSANA Minutes January 2015

Chester Square Notes 1-14-15

  • Traci Lithicut(spelling?) of the Tenants Development Corporation came to the meeting to discuss a community center proposal for the lot at 151 Lenox. Those present asked that he return for the February meeting after he could be placed on the agenda.
  • Minutes from the December 3, 2015 meeting were accepted with a few minor corrections regarding spelling and dates.
  • Treasurer’s Report – Was not presented. Fountain lights cost some money. Members expressed that the lights looked great, and that they wished we could keep them up for the whole winter.
  • Update on Alexandra – Bud Larievy related his discussions with Mark LaCasse, the Alexandra owner’s attorney. LaCasse took everyone’s input and persuaded the owners that it was time for them to sell. LaCasse said the process for the sale will entail a two week window in which prospective buyers can walk through the building, then make a presentation to the owners, and then offer how much they are willing to pay for it. The owners will narrow all of the initial offers down to a top 5. LaCasse said there is a specific timeframe, but did not disclose what it is. LaCasse stated that the interests of Scientologists, the current owners, is a historic restoration of the building. Examples of prospective buyer include a gentleman from Iceland who will be here in February who is interested in opening a Boutique Hotel. LaCasse said he already had 50 prospective buyers.
    1. What should CSANA do, now that we know the owner’s are intent on selling? Bud Larievy suggested that CSANA take a proactive approach to the process, and try to partner with the new buyer. Carol Blair suggested that CSANA develop a wish list to present to the new buyer. Members suggested a café, inclusion of the neighborhood, elderly housing, support services, a staff person to clean the street twice a week.
  • Year End Review – Discussion of accomplishments of CSANA for 2014
    1. Got more trees planted in the area by the city; asked for them, and received some of what was asked for.
    2. Estelle’s sidewalk seating arrangement came to an amicable solution.
    3. Eva’s Cleaners was able to move the fifteen minute parking spaces from Shawmut to Massachusetts Ave,.
    4. CSANA participated in the Spring Clean up and provided neighbors with the materials and training to build excellent Window Boxes
    5. CSANA hosted a well attended and fun event in the Chester Square Park, our “Last Blast of Summer.”
    6. CSANA participated in and supported a massive Fall clean up, providing and planting 500 daffodils
    7. CSANA purchased permanent signs to advertize and publicize the Spring and Fall clean ups.
    8. CSANA purchased and installed lights on both Chester Square Fountains
      1. Unnecessary timers are for sale for $10 each; the electricity is on a timer itself.
      2. Lloyd has an excess screen from the lighting construction 3’ x 10’
  • Sara Mitchell is storing the frames
  1. CSANA increased its mailing list to over 150 people
  • CSANA Nominated and elected new officers
    1. Motion to accept the slate as presented was approved. The following members were elected into the following positions:
    2. Carol Blair – President
    3. Sara Mitchell – Treasurer
    4. Bud Larievy– Secretary
    5. Open – Vice President
  • New Business –
    1. 151 Lenox Presentation
    2. Engaging Boston Survey
    3. Home-Sharing Industry Meeting
  • Discussion of whether CSANA should distribute signs publicizing space saver signs- The South End is a Space Saver Free zones. The members present discussed whether we wanted to spend CSANA resources on publicizing the message. Most felt that it was unnecessary.
  • The discussion of the space saver publicity morphed into a discussion of whether the South End Forum really represents CSANA, or members of the South End. Members discussed the organization of the South End Forum, how they conduct their meetings, and in general the me,ebership present wished to continue discussing the South End Forum, where it got is power, and whether we think it represents us.
    1. Members proposed that CSANA put a discussion of the South End Forum on the next month’s agenda.
  • CSANA reviewed notices from City Hall and announcements from neighbors.
  • Next meeting is February 4th and it will include: Traci Lithicut from the TDC, further update on the Alexandra, an explanation and discussion of South End Forum
  • Meeting was adjourned.


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