Draft Minutes for 5-7-2014 CSANA Meeting

Chester Square Area Neighborhood Association


Draft Minutes for the May 7th meeting

Convened at the Mt. Calvary Church, 541 Mass. Ave.

Meeting called to order at 7:03p.m.

16 residents in attendance, and also a representative of the Mayor and of Councilor Jackson.

1.    The April minutes were approved as is.  A request was made that draft minutes be placed on the website shortly after each meeting to provide increased information for those not in attendance.

2.    Spring Cleanup- Several attendees volunteered for a) mulching, (Lloyd, Solomon, Mark) b) pruning of city trees, (Bud) c) tool pickup (Stephanie)  d) food tables (Sara). Flower box planting will be assisted by a neighbor from Claremont Assoc.  Each person should supply their own flower box, and purchase the flowers, with soil provided by CSANA.

3.    The By-Law modifications process was introduced, with copies of possible revisions distributed, as well as their being on the website.  The process will occur over the next several months, with a certain section of the by-laws considered each month and changes voted upon.  In September at the fall party in the Park, a meeting will be called to ratify the entire package.  No sections were discussed at the meeting, though one resident made known several issues with the modifications that she had, including the lack mention of the website under the secretary’s job description, and also that any item to be voted upon be noticed be publicized in advance of the meeting in which the vote is to be taken. Please see the by law changes here: by laws amendments 5.1.14 (1)

4.    Estelle’s.  The chair noted the withdrawal of the support letter due to the Estelle’s change of plans without notification to the organization. As well the chair noted the subsequent renewal of support subject to conditions ensuring the pedestrian right of way being preserved. Estelle’s goes before the PIC on May 15th.

5.   Two Sub Committee’s formed.

Lee, Carol, Bud and Tom will review parking restrictions and also the issue of  several Northampton St. public alleys being fenced off by Roxie Homes for private parking.  As well there was much discussion regarding the failure of the city to address the non functioning cross walk lights at the intersections of Mass. Ave with Tremont St. and with Washington St.

Stephanie and Solomon will begin planning for the Fall event.

6.  Daniel Polanco of Councilor Jackson’s office addressed the issue of illegal occupancy at 243 Northampton; he is working with the BRA and ZBA to have a citation issued.  He also is addressing the concern about work done at 233 Northampton without permits.  Finally, he indicated that he is addressing the issue of the lack of progress with the Scientology development of the Alexandra Hotel.  Bud spoke of the interest by the Washington gateway Main Streets Board of Directors in the stretch of Washington St. from Massachusetts Avenue to Dudley, with an effort to develop the stretch for more business activity and to make that stretch more walkable.  The attorney for Scientology is on that Board of Directors and reported that the Scientology  headquarters in NYC is crafting a response to the CSANA letter.

7.  The meeting adjourned at 8p.m.


Lloyd Fillion, Secretary.

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