Notes from CSANA Meeting – May 1, 2013

SponsorsBannerPhotoCrop1Sarah Mitchell chaired the meeting. 21 others attended.
1. Arbor Day Wrap-up
Mark Carrig, Jim O’Donnell, Tom Sheely, Carol Blair, Sandra Alvarado, Lloyd Fillion, Anthony Liburdi, and Sara & Rudy Mitchell each reported on particulars and many contributions. A team of 10 organizers recruited businesses & other institutions as well as residents to make and distribute fliers, plant and mulch trees, donate money, purchase & plant flowers, produce a banner & posters, clean up our sidewalks, gutters, and park, feed the crowd, energize the time with singing, honor the late Sheila Cheimets (the force behind Chester Park as you see it today), and provide a scavenger hunt and acorn-plating for the kids. In addition to those shown on the banner, we are grateful for the energy and commitment of Mt Calvary Baptist Church, Sergeant House, Victory Programs and individual residents. Thank you all!
Yet to come: Our park benches will be refinished under the leadership of Lloyd Fillion, who has been authorized to work with volunteers to clean and oil the benches and to spend up to $600 for materials and equipment. If you can help, email

2. South End Apartments Renovations
Tim Dowd, Regional Manager for The Community Builders (TCB) briefed the meeting on the history of TCB and their intention to renovate 21 buildings in our area beginning in September. Michael Lozano, TCB’s Regional Development Project Manager, responded to questions. These buildings have provided affordable housing for many of our residents for decades. TCB described proposed improvements as including exterior brick wall repointing, drainage and gutters, new kitchens and baths, door and window replacement, and improvements to energy efficiency, fire safety and handicap accessibility. The meeting voted to provide a letter supporting TCB’s intention, for their use in grant applications. TCB will provide a written description of the project ASAP and return to a June meeting with construction plans. If you want to receive updates on this project, please let us know at

3. Our next meeting will be Wednesday, June 5.

2 thoughts on “Notes from CSANA Meeting – May 1, 2013

    1. Yes, thanks Mark! Alma Dell and her husband Lyle may have arrived after our reports of what each of us had done and her name should be here! I believe she purchased and supervised the planting of the many roses and other flowers, as she has for many years. Thank you, Alma Dell!

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