Arbor Day 2013 Planting
Arbor Day 2013 Planting
Two years ago, Chester Sq. neighbors were fighting to save two trees that stood in the way of a sidewalk café plan. Last Saturday, we joined forces to celebrate 19 new trees for our neighborhood! What a change!
Over 40 adults, plus many young adults and children turned out for Chester Square’s Arbor Day celebration. We planted acorns, enjoyed live music, cleaned up the neighborhood, planted flowers in the park, and reconnected with neighbors as we celebrated spring with our trees.
TreeBenefits_HDPosterWe put up a poster from showing how one tree, in one year, cools like ten air conditioners; absorbs 750 gallons of storm water; and filters out 60 pounds of air pollution. We hope the 19 trees planted in the Chester neighborhood will grow to cool like 190 air conditioners, absorb over 14,000 gallons of rain, and remove over 1100 lbs of pollutants from the air, year after year.
We’re very grateful the City of Boston’s tree planting program! And to the wonderful neighborhood team that made all this happen!
And, to all of you who enjoy, and care for, and watch out for our urban trees, thank you! May we see our young trees grow to be strong and provide shade and comfort for many, many seasons.

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  1. It was a wonderful day! Loved the music & the camardarie. In addition to the new trees, we planted 6 new rose bushes on the even (East) side of Chester Square as well as many new flowers…looking forward to their blooming.

    Thanks all!

  2. The combined energy of all these neighbors made a marvelous day and I am looking forward to these new trees!

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