Agenda for February 6, 2013 Meeting of CSANA

  1. Introductions
  2. Minutes of CSANA meeting of Jan 9
  3. Organization
    1. CSANA boundaries
    2. Meeting procedures:
      1. agenda to be posted one week in advance of the general meeting
      2. alternate meeting locations being explored
    3. Expanding membership & participation
    4. Areas of interest for the coming year:
      1. Neighborhood Environment: attractive and healthy surroundings
      2. Community: mutual support & protection
  4. Arbor Day – Fri/Sat 26/27 April

A day to plant, care for, and celebrate trees & plants, for the health of our community and for future generations.

Trees reduce summer heat, air pollution, and flooding and raise property values, as well as bringing us pleasure.

Tree planting

Garden party & tree tour

  1. Trash

Coordination w/ street cleaning

Storage of trash and recycling between collection days

Information for new residents

  1. Haycon request for letter of support re: historical preservation award
  2. Other Business

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