Next Meeting: January 9, 2013

The association will have its first meeting of the New Year on January 9, 2013 at 7:00 pm at its usual meeting place in the Harriet Tubman House. This will be the beginning of a new year and hopefully expanded participation in the Chester Square Area Neighborhood Association.

Items for the agenda be be election of new officers, plans for increasing communication and participation of neighbors in the association, Projected Calendar for the new year. Any questions please feel free to  email Sara ,, or call at 617-792-0580, 
Hope to see  you there.

One thought on “Next Meeting: January 9, 2013

  1. Our first meeting of 2013 drew 12 people. With Julian Wetherill, treasurer of CSANA, presiding, the following new officers were elected:
    Sara Mitchell, President
    Lloyd Fillion, Vice-President
    Sandra Alvarado, Treasurer
    Carol Blair, Secretary
    Other CSANA members present: George Araneo, Anthony Liburdi, Rudy Mitchell, Jim O’Donnell and Michael Pope.
    The group had many suggestions for increasing participation, improving communications, and addressing a variety of neighborhood concerns.
    It was agreed that the officers should meet before our next meeting to explore the possibilities and bring recommendations to the February meeting for short and long-term goals.
    At the end of the hour, we heard from Bill Singleton and Ricardo Pierre-Louis, who came (unannounced) to request support for a new valet business hoping to use parking spaces at the Hurley School. The meeting declined to take a position at the moment, but asked to be kept informed.
    For future reference, we’d like advance information on any action items. The agenda should be posted a week in advance of the meeting to inform our members so that interested parties can contribute to the forum.

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