April Meeting Minutes

Wednesday’s meeting had no formal agenda.  When there was not a formal agenda, the CSANA does still meet on the first Wednesday of the month at 7PM at the Harriet Tubman House where we discuss things in an open forum.

There were topics that were discussed during the meeting but no action items were taken.

The issue of the Parish Cafes outdoor seating was discussed.  Parish brought their blueprints to show the group that nothing materially had changed since the CSANA voted to support their outdoor café last year.  There was a discussion about what would happen to the current trees.

The Parish has maintained that only one of the two trees would need to be moved and that they would take care of moving that tree further down the block to keep with the current tree line.  They have also offered to plant two additional trees within the CSANA.  The location of the extra trees will be determined with the help of the CSANA with approval from the Tree Warden and Parks at a later date after the outdoor cafe approval meeting

We discussed the May 19th Meet the Neighbors party in the parks.  This is the first of what will hopefully be a bi-annual event to bring our neighbors out to the parks in order to meet each other and build a stronger community. The May event will include planting some flowers around the parks, for those interested as well as food.  Both provided by the The Parish Cafe.

We are in the process of getting permits and looking for volunteers to help with the outreach and logistics on this event.  We think this will be a great way to further what the CSANA can do for our neighborhood.

A reminder was given for the Boston Shines event on April 28th.


Finally we discussed the issue of trash.  Some neighbors had noticed rats on West Springfield street and there was a question of what time the trucks should be coming on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

We are still looking to fill the secretary position.  Some neighbors have asked for formal agenda items and quick/detailed notes of what happens at our meetings. Unfortunately, we have not had someone who has the time and is willing to dedicate the time needed to provide this service.  We are always open to suggestions on how to better serve our neighborhood through our meetings and we can have that on the agenda for May’s meeting.

The best way to make sure you don’t miss a discussion on an issue that concerns you is to attend the monthly meetings.  We understand that schedules are busy and that is not always possible, but it remains the best option at this time.

Our next meeting will be May 2nd at 7PM at the Harriet Tubman House.

Thanks for all that attended and we look forward to  a great turnout for Boston Shines and the May 19th party!



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