Agenda 2022 March 2 Zoom

Mass Ave History
Alison Barnet, more interested in people than architecture, will share stories and begin to familiarize us with the rich history along Mass Ave. Much of tonight’s talk is drawn from Once Upon A Neighborhood: A Timeline and Anecdotal History of the South End of Boston. Her most recent book is South End Incident, the story of her life in the South End in the 60s. She also published a collection of her columns published in the South End News, South End Character. Interested in her bio? Check out this fun piece on the Athenaeum’s website.
Mass Ave Coalition Festival in Chester Park
Active, sensory, playful activities
Interactive exhibits (history, park possibilities, data dive, tree equity)
Music, food
Collaborators – 4 neighborhood associations
Sponsors – institutions, developers, businesses
Guests – elected officials, candidates, media
Notes from February 2 Zoom
Treasurer’s Report

Alexandra ZBA March 8
Ebenezer – ZBA hearing April 5 @ 11:30 (having deferred twice)
At Victory House in Chester Square and other locations near us, Victory Programs helps people in recovery from substance abuse. Click here to learn about and support their work.

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