Agenda for Jan 5, 2022

  1. NU class data visualization – see the Mass Ave corridor: parking, public transportation, traffic, business, buildings/infrastructure, 2020 Census results, ecology, and public safety (created for the Mass Ave Coalition, under Northeastern University’s Community Service Program – Prof Michelle Borkin will lead the presentation. Neighbors from Worcester Sq NA and Claremont NA are invited to join us)
  2. Election of leadership for 2022 – the following have been nominated for president, vice-president, secretary, Treasurer and On-line Coordinator: Carol Blair, Sara Mitchell, Kelsey Schiller, Teo Georgiev, Alyssa Faria
  3. Notes from December’s meeting
  4. Treasurer’s report
  5. Updates:
    • Holiday greeting from CSN to every door
    • Ebenezer Church repurposing (letter to ZBA, hearing deferred to Feb 8)

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