Art, Trees, Elections, Coalition – Zoom Aug 5

1. Introductions – You will be invited to share your name, where you live, and a comment about summer in the city (or wherever you are)
2. Notes from July meeting (to be emailed before meeting)
3. Treasurer’s Report
4. Presentation: Proposed Renovations for 541 Mass Ave (formerly Mt Calvary Church)
5. Art in the Park July 12, Aug 9
6. Replacing Chester Park tree(s)
7. Mass Ave Coalition – vote to pursue collaboration, among neighborhood associations, residents and businesses, and institutions along Mass Ave, to address shared issues related to public health, street environment and transportation
8. Elections
• Register to vote:
• Help with election:
• Voter registration sidewalk event
• Door-hanger w/ info on Chester Square Neighbors & elections
9. Updates:
a. Proposed renovations for Piano Factory building (789-793 Tremont St)
b. South End / Lower Roxbury Neighborhood Network (mutual aid)
Next Chester Square Neighbors’ Meeting: Wednesday, Sept 2

2 thoughts on “Art, Trees, Elections, Coalition – Zoom Aug 5

  1. Carol,

    Will you please leave a meeting refrigeration link for tomorrow?

    Thank you,

    Ben Garvin
    561 Mass Ave.

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