May 6 Agenda – John Tobin, Northeastern Univ presenting

1. Introductions – You will be invited to share your name, where you live, and how Northeastern University shows up in your life or community
2. Chester Square Neighbors – bridging Mass Ave, recent projects with NU classes
3. Northeastern University – John Tobin, Kathy Spiegelman
4. Potential for collaboration – can CSN & NU lead neighbors and institutions along Mass Ave to transform Mass Ave from divider to connector?
5. Notes from April 1 Meeting (emailed ahead of meeting)
6. Treasurer Report
7. April 18 Zoom training & happy hour
8. South End / Lower Roxbury Neighborhood Network (mutual aid)
9. Next up
• More Zoom socials? (kids, pets, advocacy, scavenger hunt)
• Campaign to support voter registration & turnout?
• “safe” clean-up?
• Chester Park – lists of tasks that can be done independently?
10. Update: If you are concerned about activity at the following properties, please call
• League Women for Community Service (558 Mass Ave) – President Leah Randolph, 617-905-8176
• Historic South End Apts/TCB – Longwood Security 617-436-4600

Next Meetings: Wednesdays, June 3 & July 1?

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