March 4 Agenda

Hampton House -155 Northampton St at 7 pm

Check-in, bring snacks to share if you like (green for St Patrick’s Day?)
1. Review of February meeting
2. Treasurers report
3. Four political parties will hold primary elections March 3. On March 4, one will have elected a local ward committee and a state committeeman. What do they do? What does that have to do with our neighborhood? Presentation by Armani White & Jim O’Donnell, both on March 3 ballot.
4. Upcoming Friends of Chester Park meeting
5. Stoop party schedule
6. Updates:
Melnea Cass Boulevard reconstruction: lowest bid 35% above estimated cost.
Urban Renewal Extension for South End? BPDA meeting 3/18, 6-8pm, AC Hotel 225 Albany St
Tremont St Redesign meeting 3/16, 6pm, Revolution Hotel
Next meeting April 1
Next executive committee meeting March 25th, 6:30pm

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