Agenda for Wednesday, Dec 4 at 7pm

Hampton House, 155 Northampton St

1. Introductions
2. November meeting minutes
3. Treasurer’s Report
4. Events
•       Fall clean-up
•       Cookie Swap Sunday, Dec 15 at SE Historical Society
•       Winter decorations
5. Brainstorming for 2020 (If you cannot join us, please email your thoughts to
•       Is it difficult for you to attend CSN meetings? Can we do more online?
•       What activities do you (would you) find fun or worthwhile?
•       Do you feel good about Chester Park and our streetscapes? About plantings and clean-ups?
6. Nominations for 2020 CSN officers
7. Updates
•       566 Columbus Ave – Tubman House
•       Melnea Cass Boulevard Proposed Reconstruction
•       NU Data Visualizations
•       Boston Civic Leaders’ Summit
8. Next Chester Square Neighbors’ Meetings: Wednesdays, Jan 8 and Feb 5

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