August Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, August 1, 2018
Hampton House, 155 Northampton St
7pm – 8:30pm


  • Recap – May 5th Clean-up
  • Chester Park Friends – progress and recommendations
  • Proposed Logos for Chester Sq Neighbors and Friends of Chester Park
  • Fundraising
  • Block Party
  • Concentration of services for addiction and homelessness in 02118 (Desi Murphy, WSANA)
  • Construction work – Boston Water & Sewer
  • Web & name roll-out progress
  • Truck noise – resident survey (BPW Robert Lewis)
  • TDC Community Center @ 151 Lenox – tentative designation. Working with others on plan.
  • Alexandra – restore façade, add 4 recessed stories to build 148-key hotel with public access (café or whatever) to ground level and rooftop. No parking on site.

Next meeting: September 5

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