November 9 (not tonight) CSANA Agenda

CSANA Agenda – November 9, 2016 – 7 pm @ Hampton House, 155 Northampton St
Fall clean-up Nov 19
Landscaping plan for Chester Square Area Neighborhood
Priorities and plan for 2017 – For all we’ve done in 2016, we owe much thanks to the leadership of 21 residents and the participation of many many more, as well as Victory House, Hampton House, and our very fruitful community partnerships. We’re grateful for notices, meetings, website, events, planting and clean-up, street and sidewalk safety improvements, and so much more. As we consider priorities for next year and prepare to elect officers, please consider what is important to you. We especially need help with note-taking at meetings, event planning, and fundraising. Whatever your interest, we’d love to see you at next week’s meeting and/or hear from you at your convenience.

Note: you can read minutes of prior meetings by clicking on the “Minutes” tab above.
Next CSANA Meeting: Wed Dec 7

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