Notes from March 2, 2016 Meeting

BPD report: crime is down. Tip for building managers: wood astragals (covering gap between double entry doors) should be secured with screws. Burglars easily pry off astragals fastened with finish nails to card the lock.

Proposals for development between Massachusetts Ave and Melnea Cass Blvd may interest/concern our neighborhood in a variety of ways, including loss of trees and open space, loss of parking, and increased population and activity (with consequent loads on infrastructure and environment). Ben volunteered to contact Northeastern University, a significant player in the area closest to CSANA, to invite them to our meeting.

Concerning a South End Forum proposal for a moratorium on new social services in the South End, CSANA agreed as follows:

  • We want to support programs and services already part of the neighborhood.
  • We can support expansion of existing services.
  • We need to require coordination between services and programs.
  • New services should be sited in other neighborhoods.
  • Programs must be supported by medical community in some way (MGH, etc.)

SE Forum also proposed a security camera rebate (City of Boston to subsidize cameras installed on private property). CSANA voted rebates should only be granted in case of financial need.

Sam Chambers (Mayor’s Office) reported

  • Northampton St is actually not a truck route. We are invited to petition BTD to restrict trucks on the street.
  • BTD is reluctant to try to ban air brakes on Mass Ave, because it’s a state road.
  • BTD has determined that visibility of stop signs on Shawmut Ave is adequate. We should work with BPD on enforcement.
  • Boston Shines clean-up will take place April 29/30. City will provide tools upon request.
  • BTD has agreed to sign Comet Place for one-way traffic, entering from Northampton and exiting to Shawmut.
  • Sam will contact code enforcement concerning accumulated trash in the alley behind 505 Mass Ave.

Douglass Williams hopes to open new restaurant Mita (“generosity” in Italian) in late June.  We voted to provide letters of support for a full liquor license and for outdoor seating. We asked Douglass to bring seating plan to next meeting.

2 thoughts on “Notes from March 2, 2016 Meeting

  1. Great meeting, most productively administered by the CSANA staff.
    Unfortunate, my Home Computer is on the mend.

  2. Carol:Good to see you at the YMCA. Pool repair is behind their projected date, yet what is new these days.Hope to see you on the 30th..

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