Notes from Oct 7 meeting

Fall Fest – Many thanks to Sara Mitchell for rallying the YMCA, United South End Settlements, Calvary Baptist Church, Victory House, and the many neighbors to offer fun and games, food, and music for all.
Wallace Tilford, of BPD Neighborhood Crime Watch Unit, reported, with respect to crime, “things are better than they have been in years!”, while also acknowledging that there are more people on the street who are homeless and/or struggling with addictions. Asked what we should do when we see a problem with someone in the park or on the street, he said, “Call 911 if it’s an emergency, or 311 otherwise, and we’ll do what we can.”
“Cluck-it!” restaurant has closed for renovations. Chef Brian Poe announced they will “take a breather” to get a better feel for neighborhood needs. In the meantime, he’ll continue work on Neighborhood Watch, repaint to Landmarks standards, and remove patio furniture.
Next meeting will be Nov 4 at Hampton House, 155 Northampton St. We are delighted to be invited by this senior residence and look forward to partnering with them on shared issues. They will provide coffee. Who will bring snacks? (Big thanks to Emily Shea, Commission on Elder Affairs, for helping to arrange this!)
To read more, click on “Meeting Minutes”.

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