Meeting Notes – Sept 2, 2015

Vote Tuesday, Sept 8 – Let elected officials know you care! (ward 9, pct 3)

Call 311 or download Bos:311 App to report problems for City to fix.

Hampton House – BHA says “insurance issues” prevent our meeting in the community room where many of us vote. Knowing that seniors have time, attention, and experience, and seniors benefit from inclusion, we’re seeking help to sort this out, so our meetings can be handicap accessible and convenient for our seniors.

Neighborhood Watch – Report your observations to, as well as 911 or 311. We’re gathering information to get a stronger and more constructive response to the recent influx of people with addictions, people who sell drugs, and people without homes.

Chester Park – Thanks to Parks Commissioner Chris Cook, bench slats have been replaced, trees trimmed, and dead trees removed. We voted $200 for fall planting (bulbs & ornamentals). Email if you’d like to help plant.

Sept 19 Fall Fest – games & kiddie pool, Zumba & Tai Chi, food & music, crafts & face-painting – all in Chester Park. Want to help? email

Construction is underway at 521 Shawmut Ave. We voted to support a request to change occupancy from four units to two, and to express concern to the Landmarks Commission concerning a proposal to replace two historic dormers with a single long dormer.

South End Forum will meet Tuesday, Sept 8 at 6 pm (566 Columbus Ave). See agenda at
We voted to oppose extension of Urban Renewal for the South End for now, given the lack of a plan. We also voted to advise the South End Forum against formal membership in the Association of Downtown Civic Organizations.

Thanks to Councilor Tito Jackson and to staff for Mayor Walsh and Rep. Byron Rushing for participating.

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