Agenda for April 1 Meeting

7 pm at Harriet Tubman House, 566 Columbus Ave
∙ May 2 neighborhood clean-up and spring celebration
∙ Truck traffic on Northampton St
∙ Chalk art w/ kids at school bus stop
∙ Street signs for Public Alley 804 (and others?)
∙ Tools to communicate with our neighbors

One thought on “Agenda for April 1 Meeting

  1. Maybe someone could discuss trash collection problems? So far this year, the contractor has missed 11 collections along the Roxbury side of Chester Sq. The mayor’s hotline said they’d have someone pick it up the following day – but that only happened twice. And 3 of those times, the contractor went on to miss the next assigned day too.

    This whole problem is not a new one according to the following Globe article from Jan 2008. But collections have definitely gotten a whole lot worse since Sunrise Scavenger took over the contract last summer.

    Globe Article URL

    A Major’s Hotline supervisor said that the snow “was hampering things along the narrower streets”. But if it’s a navigation problem, then the contracted company should add a couple of smaller trucks to its fleet. That’s pretty simply and it would probably resolve the city’s other narrow street issues as well.

    I hope this topic can be added to CSANA’s agenda – I really would appreciate your attention here. Maybe the association could escalate the problem in a way that a single resident can not.

    Thanks a whole lot,
    Mitch Geer
    543 Mass Ave

    ps. the Mayor’s hotline 635-4500 or here’s the Web site to report Missed Collections. Thnx

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