CSANA Minutes from March 5, 2014 Meeting

Chester Square Area Neighborhood Assoc.

Draft minutes for March 5, 2014

Harriet Tubman House, Columbus Avenue

The meeting was called to order at 7:00p.m. with 15 residents in attendance and briefly by the Mayor’s Office new South End Liason, Jordan Deasy.

1.  The minutes from January were approved.

2.  Stephanie Avanessian was voted in as treasurer.

3.  Jordan Deasy was introduced as the new Office of Neighborhood Services coordinator for the South End.

4.  Lloyd Fillion reported on the South End Forum meeting of Feb.10th, indicating that their agenda, as distributed at the end of January, was passed without change. Discussion regarding their proposal that the South End be a “space saver” free area of the city raised a question of the boundaries of the South End for this purpose- whether or not it included Northampton St.  Jordan Deasy was not clear regarding this question.  The issue of private sewers was raised with the BWSC chief engineer both asserting that the BWSC would not be responsible for private sewers and yet noting that a judge had ordered them to take that responsibility in one instance in Dorchester; this has interest for many owners of property at the ends of Mass. Ave. and Northampton St., between Tremont and Shawmut. There was also some concern regarding the authority of the South End Forum to represent the entire South End as their authority appears to have been self generated with no formal feed to or from at least this association.

5. A brainstorming regarding possible projects for this year was held, with many ideas surfacing.  There will be a follow up meeting on Saturday, March 22th at 10a.m., tentatively at Sara Mitchell’s house at 241 Northampton St. Issues raised including plans for plants in the parks, outreach to other neighbors through a door to door. (See the attached invitation brunch invite 3.22)

6.  The lack of work on the Scientology building was briefly discussed and a motion was passed to send a letter making inquiries regarding their intentions whether to develop or to sell.

7.  Neighbors of the South End House of Pizza raised concerns about the odors coming from their venting system.  A motion was passed to send a letter to the business directing their attention to this concern, requesting remediation and that the business be invited to the April meeting to report on their response.

8. In response to a question about 243 Northampton Street, there was no information to be shared, though it is believed that the Board of Appeal considered the issue (regarding total number of units to be developed).

9.  A break-in at 562 Mass. Ave. was mentioned; access was via the exterior fire escape, which gains access to the roof.

10. Joshua Fiedler and Michelle Laboy are intending to enter a city wide contest for the design of public furniture.  They are seeking neighborhood support for this potential addition to Chester Park.  A motion was passed that they prepare a design for presentation at the March 22nd meeting (see item 5 above) with a vote to approve or abstain at that time.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30p.m.

Next meeting is April 2nd

Submitted by Lloyd Fillion, secretary

One thought on “CSANA Minutes from March 5, 2014 Meeting

  1. At the meeting, I had brought up the question on 243 Northampton and I recall that it would be looked into and information shared with members. Jim O’Donnell

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