January 8, 2014 CSANA meeting notes

Full minutes are available by emailing the secretary at 61pony@mindspring.com after they have been approved at CSANA’s February meeting.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, Feb 5, 2014, 7p.m. at the Harriet Tubman House, 566 Columbus Ave.

January 8, 2014  CSANA meeting notes

Sara Mitchell presided and 18 others attended.

1. General Business. The Treasurer’s report, showing a balance of $4,945.18 was accepted, and December’s minutes were approved.

2. Eva’s Tailors & Dry Cleaners, 605 Massachusetts Ave. Thuyloan Nguyen, proprietress, assisted by Randa Wilkinson, resident of Chester Square, requested support for her request to the city that three parking spaces on Mass. Ave. be reserved for 15-minute parking between 8 am and 6 pm. The Association decided to recommend that the applicant request moving the 3 existing short-term parking spaces from around the corner on Shawmut Ave. to the front of her shop, as equally convenient for the Mass Food Market.

3. Estelle’s, 782 Tremont Street.   James Byrne, attorney, with Brian Poe, chef, and design engineer Paul Tyrell, presented a revised sidewalk café plan, addressing sidewalk clearance for pedestrians including wheelchairs, which revisions they said came as a result of conversations with the subcommittee and as identified in the CSANA letter of December.  The Association voted to support the revised plan, conditional on confirmation of minimum 5 ft. clearance from all permanent and impermanent objects, subject to a confirmation of the drawing’s representations of measurements within the week.

4. United South End Settlements. Sara Mitchell distributed stamped post cards for use in promoting USES’ Feb 6 fundraiser, Brewers Helping Neighbors. Discussion led to a vote to cosponsor the event by helping to promote the event.

5. Election of officers for 2014 – Elected officers for the 2014 include Sara Mitchell, President, Mark Carrig, Vice-President, and Lloyd Fillion, Secretary/Treasurer. Lloyd expressed a hope that someone will soon be elected to take one of the two offices, as he indicated an unwillingness to carry both for the entire year.

6. Other Business

  • Mark Carrig reported that one trash barrel from Chester Park, on the even numbered side, was missing.  He was requested to investigate through the South End Forum whether there are plans for public covered trash containers as located in parks and on street corners, rather than the open barrels currently in the park.
  • Dr. Zameera Fida announced an opportunity for free pediatric dental care at “Give Kids a Smile”, Saturday – Feb 8 at Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Fida was directed to several organizations within the South End which are centers for children.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, Feb 5, 2014, 7p.m. at the Harriet Tubman House, 566 Columbus Ave.

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