Notes from December 4, 2013 Meeting

21 attended – 8 represented Estelle’s, 1 represented Corner Café, & Sara Mitchell presided.
Carol Blair provided an update on South End Historic Apartments Renovations. Work is ramping up and further details will be available soon.
Neighborhood Clean-up Debriefing – Sara reported BPD provided hot chocolate, Sargent House cleaned and planted bulbs, 25 people participated, 70 bags were filled with leaves and trash, and 200 daffodil bulbs were distributed.
Corner Café: Ilknur Duman requested support before the Licensing Board to extend service to 12 pm and to maintain the 8 outdoor seats currently provided. Those in attendance voted to support Corner Café’s request before the city’s licensing board.
Estelle’s – a team of professionals representing Estelle’s described proposed sidewalk seating (10 tables/20 chairs) along Tremont St windows. Discussion that followed suggested possible benefits of activity on the sidewalk and also losses to pedestrians using the sidewalk. An alternative that would intrude less on the pedestrian experience and take advantage of sidewalk space owned by Estelles (on Massachusetts Ave) to provide tables for 4 seemed promising. While there was interest from members in the general idea of outside dining at this location, the meeting decided to deny the request for support without prejudice and to urge Estelles to return with a revised plan . A subsequent letter has itemized concerns and suggested particular modifications.
Nominations for CSANA’s January Election of 2014 officers – The Executive Committee has nominated Carol Blair for president. Sara Mitchell and Lloyd Fillion want continue serving on the board. Mark Carrig and Craig Lovewell also indicated an interest in serving.
South End Forum – Representing neighborhood associations throughout the South End, the Forum continues to work to improve the effectiveness of the city’s trash collection program. In an effort to improve conditions following snow, the Forum has also decided to support enforcement of city ordinances which prohibit saving on-street parking spaces.
Next Meeting – January 8, 2014

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