Notes from CSANA Meeting Nov. 6, 2013

Sara Mitchell presided, 21 others attended, including 9 to represent 3 businesses for zoning appeals.

Treasurer’s Report – Sandra reported in-kind contributions for our September event over $300.

Requests for support before the Zoning Board of Appeal
∙ South End Pizza – New owners, Nader & Nechatl Michael, proposed to extend business hours to 2 am. The applicant was asked, with reference to his request for support for a 2 a.m. closing, whether he would abide by a CSANA determination of different hours for any future application for alcohol beverages service. The applicant affirmed that he would abide by any restriction for alcohol closing time the CSANA decided was appropriate and the meeting voted to support 2 am closing.
∙ Fortune-telling/psychic readings at 502 Mass Ave – Attorney Eric Speed spoke for owner Sherry Frank, indicating the Psychic Readings studio has operated at this location for some years and was recently cited as a non-conforming use. The meeting voted to support adding fortune telling to allowed uses at this address.
∙ Estelles – Owner/Chef Brian Poe’s group proposed seasonal seating with 20 chairs and 10 tables to be surrounded by planters and chain fence, all within a 4.5 ft width of the Tremont St sidewalk against the restaurant wall. The meeting was inclined to support the proposal, but took no action pending a review of sidewalk dimensions and other fixtures located in the sidewalk (mailboxes, traffic control box, etc.)

Street cleanup and daffodil planting/give-away – Nov 23rd 9 am – 11 am
Victory Programs will flier the neighborhood twice to announce this event. In addition to brooms, bags, and shovels, the City is also providing 300 daffodil bulbs this year. Some of the daffodil bulbs will be planted in the beds of Chester Park and more will be made available to clean-up attendees. Boston Police have offered hot chocolate and snacks for volunteers. The meeting authorized up to $30 for coffee, if coffee donation is not found. Sara, Stephanie, Lloyd, Josh, Mark, Tasha, and Tom (Botte) are organizing this.

Requests for tree warden
Lloyd Fillion agreed to coordinate a request to Boston’s Tree Warden for new trees, removal of dead trees and trees pruning. If you are aware of a tree or location warranting such attention, please email

CSANA Election and social
Sara Mitchell passed out a piece that reviews our year’s progress and includes job descriptions for the four offices that will be filled with elections in January.

Next Meeting – Wednesday, Dec. 4

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