Notes from CSANA Meeting – Sept 4, 2013

Sara Mitchell chaired the meeting. Fourteen others attended.

1. Most of our meeting was dedicated to preparing fun for a community-building event scheduled for Saturday, Sept 21, from noon to 4pm in Chester Park. Sara Mitchell and Sandra Alvarado have organized more than 20 volunteers so far. We’re planning music, games, food, and performances. Mark your calendar and, if you’d like to help, even for an hour or so, please contact

2. Michelle Laboy and Josh Fiedler volunteered to take records we received from the estate of Sheila Cheimets, and to identify and archive information and documents that may have value in our efforts to maintain and improve Chester Square.

3. Kristine Isberg, proprietor of the new shop L’Ecole Nuit, at 537 Shawmust Ave, presented a drawing of the blade sign she plans to install above the door. She indicated the South End Landmark District Commission had approved the sign after administrative review.

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