Notes from CSANA Meeting – Aug 7, 2013

Sarah Mitchell presided; 10 others attended, including 3 presenting for 243 Northampton St.

1. Notes from July meeting –
Approved, with one change/addition: “Groundwater was discussed; TCB indicated all properties within the Groundwater Conservation Overlay District would have groundwater recharge systems.”

2. Neighborhood Social – Tasha Smith, Sandra Alvarado, Solomon Baxter, Barbara Armandt and Sara Mitchell have begun to plan an event to bring neighbors together and showcase neighborhood businesses and organizations. Traditional games, face-painting, food, music will be in Chester Park September 21 (noon-4pm). The meeting voted to spend up to $500 for this event. Lloyd Fillion, Susan Faaland, Rudy Mitchell, Jim O’Donnell and Stephanie Avanessian volunteered to help and more volunteers will be needed. If you’re ready to help, please email

3. TBC renovations – Carol Blair and Lloyd Fillion reporting
A letter was sent to TCB after our July meeting to recount items needing follow-up. They have since met on site with Michael Lozano (TCB Development) and Zan Bross (TCB Construction Manger for this project) to review the same items as a checklist. We are hopeful that these communications will facilitate timely and thorough cooperation with TCB.

4. Tree mulch –
Lloyd Fillion reported tree mulching will be completed Saturday, with Mark Carrig and Jim O’Donnell assisting.
Sara Mitchell reported she had enlisted Winn Management to help water trees on Northampton St between Washington and Shawmut. Carol Blair reported that ROXSE Homes resident Basari has begun to water the struggling young tree near 226 Northampton.
If you’d like to join our tree care team, please email

5. 243 Northampton St. –
Attorney Eric Speed, property manager Adam Sarbaugh and architect Steve Reilly were present to request support for legalizing 6 units at 243 Northampton, claiming the building has operated as six units since 1990. Several of our members expressed gratitude to the presenters for repairs to the building. All agreed, however, that the building has not operated as six units. Rather, it was vacant and in dangerous disrepair for many years, with work occurring in the building from time to time over the last decade or so, and people moving in this past winter/spring.
A letter from Neal Armandt, next-door neighbor at 241 for 28 years, indicated a long period of neglect and expressed surprise and disbelief that the owner did not realize the 4-unit limit. Others raised issues concerning the demands these six units place on usable open space, parking, an antiquated jointly-owned private sewer line, and other infrastructure. The meeting voted to oppose the proposed legalization of six units and to support existing zoning for our Row House Subdistrict, which allows a maximum of four units per row house.

6. Next meeting date – September 4.

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