Notes from CSANA Meeting – July 10, 2013

Sarah Mitchell presided; 13 others attended.

1. South End Apartments Renovations –
Michael Lozano (TCB Development Project Manager) made brief comments about TCB’s plans to renovate 29 buildings – 146 units – most in our immediate neighborhood. He introduced his team, related the contractor’s (CWC Builders’) extensive experience in the South End, and indicated October 1 as the current start date (Contract not yet signed; date not “fixed in stone”.) The plans, about 60% complete, include 100% replacement of windows with aluminum-clad wood, some doors, all roofs, heating systems, some kitchens & baths; eight units are to be made fully accessible. Eight buildings on West Springfield St, formerly known as “Ebenezer Homes”, will be joined with “South End Apartments” as the new “Historic South End Apartments” (office at 792 Tremont St).

Tim Dowd (TCB Reg’l Dir of Operations) and Cliff Boehmer (Davis Sq Architects) joined with Mr. Lozano in responding to questions. Mr Boehmer showed plans for one of the buildings with a handicap accessible unit, describing improvements and repairs, materials and design. Many questions concerning the remaining buildings were addressed and particular treatments were described and explored, but drawings and specifics were not available for the buildings in question. Groundwater was discussed; TCB indicated all properties within the Groundwater Conservation Overlay District would have groundwater recharge systems.

The following items were noted as needing further follow-up: historic doors, gutters & downspouts, fences, mortar pointing and masonry repairs, dust/dirt/runoff, rodent control, landscaping/grading, meetings with individual abutters, timely coordination of roofing repairs with abutters, a 24/7 contact for residents and neighbors, and schedule and updates concerning TCB design team’s inspections of areas of concern during construction to verify compliance with design documents. Michelle Laboy, Lloyd Fillion, & Carol Blair agreed to work together as a committee to follow-up with TCB to review plans and investigate outstanding questions between association meetings.

2. Illegal activity at Dunkin Donuts (Mass Ave nr Washington St) –
Hilani Morales (Mayors Office) reported police have this location under surveillance. We can help by calling 911, with a description, when we see something suspicious – even if we don’t see an illegal act. Mark Carrig will ask Dunkin Donuts to come to our August meeting to talk about what they can do to address the situation.

3. Tree Mulch –
Lloyd Fillion and Mark Carrig have mulched 20-25 trees in the neighborhood. Additional funds up to $125 were voted to complete mulching of new trees, with many thanks to Lloyd and Mark.

4. Summer Social –
Sara Mitchell, Solomon Baxter, Barbara Armandt, Mark Carrig, and Sandra Alvarado have explored possibilities for a block party and a garden party. Sara will call a meeting and form a committee to plan for an event that draws on the best of both. Please email if you’d like to help.

5. Our next meeting will be Wednesday, Aug 7.

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