Jun 5, 2013 Meeting Notes

Sarah Mitchell presided; 14 others attended.
1. Trees – Our new trees will need watering when the soil is dry. Can you help? Email info@chestersquareassociation.org. Lloyd and Mark Carrig volunteered to mulch the trees. $100 of the budget was allocated to buy mulch. Lloyd Fillion and Bud Larievy have worked with the City’s criteria to identify 7 locations for new trees on Mass Ave between Shawmut & Washington. These need to be submitted to the City?s Tree Warden, along with two locations in Chester Park.

2. South End Apartments Renovations – Although our May meeting provided a letter supporting TCB?s intention to renovate, with the understanding that TCB would return to a June meeting with construction plans, the Community Builders (TCB) had indicated they would not have plans available for this meeting. Those present reviewed and added to the list of concerns already provided to TCB. Hilani Morales, representing the mayors office, expressed concern that TCB was not present with plans.

3. Looking ahead – Many ideas were proposed to enhance our neighborhood environment and to build community among neighbors. Joshua Fiedler, Michelle Laboy, and Alma Dell Smith volunteered to work on Chester Square gardens/plantings. Tasha Smith and Sara Mitchell volunteered to work on a block party. Sandra Alvarado and Mark Carrig volunteered to work on a neighborhood social. Would you like to work on any of these? Email info@chestersquareassociation.org.

4. Shawmut to Washington block of Mass Ave – Bud Larievy asked that attention be brought to drug trade at Dunkin Donuts. James Sutherland, representing City Councilor Ayanna Pressley, offered to check on this and get back to us. Mark Carrig is in contact with Tito Jackson?s office and indicated he would also check on it.

5. Our next meeting will be Wednesday, July 10.

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