Election Day Meetup with Neighbors

Dear Neighbors and members of the Chester Square Neighborhood Association

I am interested fostering more communication and community between all the folks that live and work in the area. Next week’s election seems like an opportunity to at least see

each other. I had the idea (not original with me, someone did it last year at another polling station) of handing out some cookies or snack, while people are waiting in line to vote. Nothing gets people talking like munching on something.

At the same time we could raise awareness about the neighborhood association and the meeting that will be the next night.

The tray of snacks would have a sign,

“The neighbors and members of Chester Square Neighborhood Association Thank you for voting today.

the person with the snack would also hand out a flier about the Association meeting.

There would be no support for any particular candidate

I would welcome some help if anyone thinks it is a good idea. I could use help with the following:

–4 people to make/buy cookies and individually wrap them

–Any one who wants to help pass them out for 1/2 to an hour.

It would be nice to have two at a time.

the 7-8:30 am is covered

4-5 open need 2people

5-6 covered fro 1,

6-7 covered for 1

—donation if I end up making or buying all the cookies

—Help making/copying a flier to advertise the CSNA meeting

if you have thoughts, please email me or give me a call.

at 627-792-0580


One thought on “Election Day Meetup with Neighbors

  1. Thanks, Sarah, for organizing this! I was working inside the polling place and appreciate your efforts to create good feelings among those in line. I asked many voters how long they waited. The shortest I heard was 45 minutes!

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