CSANA Agenda for August 6, 2014

Chester Square Area Neighborhood Assoc. monthly meeting
August 6, 2014
Harriet Tubman House at 7p.m.
August Agenda
1. Introductions
2. July Minutes
3. Update from Community Builders
4. Report from September Event Subcommittee
5. Report from Alleys/Parking Subcommittee
6. Discussion of By-Laws sections IIIc and VIb (seeĀ JFOD description.LF edit. 7.28). We will be discussing the merits of altering the by-laws as described in the linked document above. We will focus on the proposals to make a residence requirement to sit on the board, and we will again discuss changing the number of votes required to change the by-laws themselves.
7. New Business